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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Interesting title "wootonk" but that's what popped into my head...let's take a look see at what else has been "popping" around...

This morning I went to RX where we discussed the future of Saturday business. Opening hours have now been reduced by 25% on a saturday, so as to fit into staff schedules. Tong was, unfortunately, forced to resign - not that he was fired - he just has to many other commitmnets (namely CLS).

We finished at around 12.30 - resulting in me arriving at home around 1pm. From there I spent time in the spa, surfing the internet (nothing constructive - still trying to fix starforce for trackmania - to no avail), and then I convinced myself to play Tales of Symphonia - it took me about 10 minutes or so to work out where I was at and what I was meant to be doing (I resumed my old game - 2 weeks or so old), but once I got started I soon mastered it....that is until I was killed by some asshole boss character - the first time I have legitemately gotten the forboding "Game Over" screen (I got it once before on purpose so as to see what it looked like). - This means I lasted 30 hours...not bad!

After that I read more of "Games Design" by Bob Bates - I'm on Chapter 5 now and more than 100 pages in (around 30% through) - I can't believe how easy the stuff is to read - I guess I'm naturally "into" it which helps me feel Games Design/Development is a good choice for studying/career.

That lasted through tea-time untill around 8-8.30pm - I then tried to workout my long-term timetable uni wise but It's too hard as prerequisites and such are so f***ked up for someone entering at 2nd semester, so I'm leaving it until I get in and talk to a course advisor. - I sent the enquiries people an email as well asking about the course - mainly so I can see what subjects I should be doing and how much the course focuses on games development/design.

Well...thats about it. Got a stomach ache now so best be off. Will do more reading and I shall also do more posting tomorrow! - Catch ya!!!
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Friday, May 05, 2006


Today I spent quite a bit of time reading up on game design - I like the idea of being a level designer.

Tong and Sooj did some photocopying, I had left-over KFC, Tong did his math assignment and that about summed up the day. (I lost Tong's guild war mission with Bort's assistance lol).

I also, just a few hours ago found out that if I want to do Games design, pretty much all of my subjects will be at a different campus to Tong - my current workaround options are limited to 2 - the first being to go in on mondays and informally study Japanese, the second is to formally study Japanese - rather than taking an elective in multimedia ethics.

Japanese should be helpful for a games designer to know - I'm just not that confident in learning it - lol.

Anyway, there is still time to decide, and quite a bit of it at that. (keep track of the new timer installed at the top of the page (actually there is 3 timers there) - thanks to - be sure to check em out, things are a bit glitchy but the idea is rather nice.

Well I'm off to read some more of the "game design" book (Bob Bates) and will post more later - probably not till tomorrow. I have made a resolution to play Tales of Symphonia tomorrow, as I haven't touched it for quite some time - and of course I want to play some San Andreas so I better make time for both across the duration of the weekend.

Post again soon,
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Time goes on...

Still pondering on course selection, I am faced with many options, as always.

Welcome again.

Today (Thursday) I went to university and Tong had his circuit-board practical, we then went to CHD were I activated my Visa debit card (as did Tong) and had Jia for lunch. (I also had kfc for tea -- good but salty, meaning I'm quite thirsty now hmph).

Less than 10 day's untill I'm 21. This prompts me to ask questions about time - and how quickly life is slipping away. It seems like yesterday that I started uni this year, and it feels like I was on extended holidays last week. It seems only about 2 or so months from christmas - not over 4 as it is in reality. But as always, looking back on it and thinking about all the things which I have done (and all of those which I haven't) - I realize that there is indeed a lot of time passing, every second is so valuable, yet so fleeting at the same time.

As an aside I wonder if this blogging thing is improving my typing skills any - lol.

As far as the CH40000 goes (fictional) I wrapped up the subject guide, and announced that I would be making a decision soon.

My voice is still not completely healed from the concert last saturday. I'm gonna have to do some home therapy I think - lol. I definitely learnt not to scream that much so loudy and violently. lol.

Parents looked at a house today, so we could be relocating soon. At the very least is should proove an interesting venture....I also learnt the definition of ockham's razor (spelling) and got fed up with the dodgy computers in that dodgy eng lab! hehe.

There are a number of issues on my mind at the moment and they are, in order of thinking time, most to least as follows:

  1. Subject/Course Selection
    Should I do Games Design? I want to but it's alone and I can't change it, I hope I make the right choice whatever that is.
  2. Employment
    Beyond my control, but I need the money - or want the money to be more precise, I will see what happens I suppose - it's a little anxiety building but it's okay for now.
  3. My 21st
    I'm slightly nervous about the whole thing - the bottom line is I don't really have to do anything much, except turn up and enjoy myself - it's just a matter of me getting used to having family members focused on me
  4. Various other issues

Those under 4 include the standard of am I wasting my life, and will I get anywhere ever and other issues such as parents getting older, the impermance of life, and all other philosophical and religious questions.

On a completely different note Tong bought Dragonquest from EB today - he seems to like it. - I'm happy he made the "right" choice (instead of Factions). Also tried getting trackmania sunrise from unx, but the nocd is dodgy - D'oh - should've remembered from last time. Hmmm....I read some of simple program design, partly just for the sake of it, but with the excuse of pondering over computer science - which is at the same campus as Tong. - I'm thinking of going into some IT lectures regardless...

Also I had fun filling up my car with petrol today, the dodgy can i used (it was low) resulted in a lot of spilt petrol, cold stinky hands and me being 15 minutes late - D'oh.

Anyway I suppose when I think about it I really do get a lot done - even if most if not all of it is completely pointless - lol. But as the song says: "I guess this is growing up..."

~feeling sleepy now


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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's so easy living in a dream world. Protected by a false sense of security with the inner feeling that "it doesn't really matter" and "it will be okay." In the same league as those who believe "it won't happen to me" the assumption that everything is just fine can be rather dangerous, and a trap which I have just about fallen for.

As you may have gathered from previous information It seems as though I am afraid to stick to a certain course. (Thanks Judy!) - and as such I'm slowly but surely destroying my life. I'm not talking about drugs, or, at least in this case, alcohol - but indeed the obsessive compulsion to change subjects I have amassed. These thing's always seem to culminate in a kind of anti-climax, but recently thing's did reach their peak and change was necessary. Possibly a good thing, as all catalysts are (arguably), this has prompted me to look closely at reality, and evacuate the sphere of false guardianship I am currently living within.

The changing of subjects and never finding some where satisfactory, never being satisified and suffering through constant impermanance led me to a fork in the road. More accurately, a road, and an exit ramp. The exit ramp led, and indeed still leads to a short-term satisfying change of pace - that is quitting university. The road ahead is blocked, however and as I get close to the barracades I need to make a decision, - Exit or just change lanes.

Having exhausted all supply of backup equipment I find myself in need to do something drastic. I go part-time, only to come rather quickly to the conclusion that my current degree is totally pointless and that I don't want to be doing it, especially when it would take 7 years plus (full time) to become a qualified psychologist - which was my semi goal for the past few weeks. - Compulsive - indeed.

And so as these things tend to do, another path appeared. Perhaps delivered by god, perhaps just fate, or blind luck or brilliant idiocy - the result - a change of course entirely - that shifted the paradigm completely and realigned me into a new position. The downside? I'd have to do it alone.

Which brings me to now. The decision point. 75 Days remain untill I reach that barracade. If I don't change lanes I will be forced to take the exit ramp, which I am not ready to do yet. So I have a choice either take the lane that is presented to me or try another path. The problem - the lane presented to me, as previously told is one which must be taken alone, whilst the other paths are cluttered, maze-like and foggy - and have a very high likelihood of leading me right back to this very place - only a few weeks, months and/or even years older - but unfortunately none-the-wiser in the process.

For someone writing on reality these metaphors and analogies are quite ironic. None of them are real, yet their symbolism is undeniable. And so, as I journey forward toward that pathway which one do I take?

And finally as I remain pondering the question for the next few days and weeks, which are but mere moments in the timeline of life, I ask myself - do I really have a choice?
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Bringing things to date...

When I had last left you, I had just changed to part-time enrolment. Now a lot has come about and I have done quite a bit, in just the last day or 2.

It's 8:00PM now and there is 75 days left to go before semester 2, more on that later, but note that a counter will be available from now on, well that is as soon as I make it.

It will expire at 9am on the day of return to university.

Monday night I looked up for jobs, did a lot of "job hunting," mostly for retail in major supermarket chains.

Yesterday I went with Tong to university and we came back fairly early, meeting up with Bob and then we went off to CHD shops to buy some blank CD's. - Tong was going to get a refund on his pre-order of guild wars factions, but decided against it because he was worried - he had already claimed his pre-order pack!

Beyond that I got Windows Media Centre Edition. We installed it and I'm semi-impressed - it does everything window' does, but includes a lovely - eye-candy, filled, application for playing media. It doesn't work with my (rather dodgy) 3rd party TV-Card either - which is rather dissapointing, but nevertheless not unexpected.

I spent most of last night ripping music (over 80 hours now!) whilst Bob slept, (from 7pm-11pm)...then had a shower and came back - ripped some more, then went to bed. Got to sleep around 2. - Woke up at 6:10.

Yes, my sleeping has been extremely scattered for the past week or even 2, so I'm going to try and go to early tonight, especially because I'm driving to uni tomorrow. - I will also have to get up early in order to get fuel.

Now for the major update.

Essentially, because I was considering studying part time and what not I had a serious reality check (see the next post for more), but the bottom line is I'm thinking of studying multimedia - video games design essentially, but also a heap of other stuff (I'm tempted to use the word 'cool' as an adjective here...), such as video and sound editiing, basic programming and general IT stuff. It's: "Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (Multimedia)" - and it's accredited, (I think and Hope!) so it should be good. The downside is that it's at a different campus to Tong - which makes for an interesting life lesson....more in the next post!

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Changing my life...


a lot has happened over the past few days. fri, went to bobs and did some d'ing. hehhe.

Saw korn/disturbed tour! Fucking awesome! one of the greatest nights of my life!

was going to see the ringer but didn't coz no cheapies. lol.

and now I have switched to part time study, for the remainder of the semester. I'm trying to find a job now, and make some $$$ - so that I can live more comfortably. I feel really sad, and worried, now - as though I've quit uni alltogether, I just have to keep reminding myself that I will be back into full time next semester, with or without a job.

Anyway, worst case scenario is i work full time untill the beginning of july, at least in that period of time i might turn over an extra 5k or so. (i doubt it would be that much)...anyway cheers.
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