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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Bit of a booklist

Recommended Reading:

I am currently reading Three Dollars, By Elliot Perlman

I want to read, amongst other things, in the next week or so:

1984, George Orwell
Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy

Hopefully I make it to the library next week.
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The Playground is open

As it says above, the playground is now open.

At the moment there is nothing much other than structural support. But you can still take a look.

Get to it via the link below!

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There is some big news to communicate, but I'm not in the mood to divulge details. Essentially over the course of this week or so, things have transpired which have led to me ignoring games development entirely. Perhaps I will be in a savvy enough mood to tell the whole story at a later date. Anyway I am now studying English, Drama and Visual Culture. I am going to complete my Arts degree and then do a diploma in secondary education. - Unless of course a big "break" comes along first.

In light of my new found artistic tastes I have been reading a book by Elliot Pearlman, titled "Three Dollars" - again there are things to say about this lovely gem of literature, but I am not in the mood right now.

Also, as a by product of my artistic direction I have decided to split this blog in half - well almost. 2 blogs will now roam the scence - this being the (I suppose primary and) reguarly? updated one - and another. Which I am about to create.

This blog will chronicle pretty much exclusively day-to-day activities, and the other - will be my kreative playground. My playgrounds are usually abstract and hard to put a default theme to, but over the course of time you may notice recurring elements. In short - it will feature more of my thoughts and philosophising...which is sure to confuse more than anything else.


The new one will be opened very soon. Watch this space. (Or at least the post above this one).


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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Time it ticks, slowly creeping,
beyond a field of hollowed fog,
a sphere of emotionless contentment,

Chaos beckons, devils laughing,
never ending sacrifice is here,
a sword drawn knight aproaches,

Rainbows flow, snow falls,
throughout life the cycle goes,
a cold withdrawn relentless smile,

Void of nothing, empty hollow,
black as blue can ever be,
a golden archer of friendly destruction,
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Nearly a week :o

I am sorry - this gap is ridiculous - almost a week without posting anything. Well at least now I have plenty to talk about. :)

Wednesday - I'm not totally sure what I did, but I'm fairly certain it involved going to uni in the morning, staying at Bob's the night (all-nighter + 7xD) and then going to DND in the morning to return Doom 3 - reciept issues - phew! and then slept all afternoon.

I bought Mortal Kombat Deception and Amped 2.

Friday is a pretty big blank, for some reason... apart from playing Mortal Kombat I can't really remember doing too much at all. - It just hit me - lol, how could I forget...

Friday I had a job interview - and I got the job! - I'm not sure how it will go (RMR) but so far things look good. Training starts tomorrow, and things are looking interesting. I can't believe I had forgotten what I did friday - lol. So yes, the majority of the day was spent in the city.

Yesterday I went to RX and LN and I were manning the store for the (new) std 3 hour shift. I will most likely be leaving soon which is kind of sad, but things must go goes on.

Today Jay came around, which was a nice surprise and we spent most of the day playing Xbox live. - He left around 5 or so, and I continued playing xbox for the remainder of the evening. (Link went to his sisters). - I also went to Mc but they didn't give Jay his drink - how rude.



So, tonight was my self imposed deadline, and essentially as probably expected the answer is yes. I am going to do Games Development and apply for diploma of drama and theatre studies. I have to write up my special consideration applications for Games Dev very soon, I was going to do it tomorrow, but because of Work I may schedule it a little later on in the week - depending on the outcome of tomorrow.


And Right Now

I've talked about what happened in the (almost a week) that led up till now, I've announced the decisions that I said I would reach, but how am I feeling right at this point in time?

I am feeling sad. Why? - I don't quite now. I am lamenting over something but I don't know what. What ever it is, things feel kind of good - which is strange. Like floating on a cloud - a grey one.

Kreative Tendencies

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