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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sleep Time

Fingers dance rapidly across the keyboard, darting swiftly, back and forth...sweeping across each letter of the alphabet. The thumb taps, almost desperately on the space bar, seperating groups of letters in to words. The period key is smashed with the index finger, turning collections of words into meaningful sentences, all the while the tension is building, as with every letter that appears on the screen, the whole thing grows closer and closer to climax. Until WHAM the enter key is slammed.

- Just a little fun, fast paced action sequence - proving how interesting mundane things can be.

~ For all you loyal legions of fans out there, to the Billions and Billions of loyal viewers, I bid you a temporal adieu. Even a genius must sleep. :p


Kreative Tendencies ~~K//Ten~~
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Nostalgia and HighSpeedDownloads lol

I went through some old backup cd's - ah, the memories. :-) light of this I also found something amusing, this has not been photoshopped or anything - it's just the marvelous "pause" glitch in action. LoL.

- if you cant see it try clicking on it. :p
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[The Seventh Day]

There is 7 days remaining.

Ah, yes, the days are winding up. As we draw nearer to another semester I begin to wonder. Are holidays that bad? - Not in there own right, surely - they are quite lovely. It's just it seems as though I've been in a kind of constant holiday, for the past 2 and a half years - with a few "working breaks" (namely Semester 1, of 04 and 05). Yet, here I am, near to commencing semester 2 2006.

I don't believe it.

I remember clearly stating I was going to do medicine, then that changed, and as of this time last year I was going to do Biomedical Engineering. Hmmm...

I've wasted so much time, yet it doesn't matter. I enjoyed it.

And well, by now it is time to start gearing up. The landmarks are getting closer together, which must mean it's nearly crunch time. - I think one of the most annyoing things is I wait and wait, untill first week starts, and then in first week nothing much happens. Oh well, at least more happens in week 1 of s2 than of s1 - especially in 1st year subjects.

Well, at this stage I'm starting to learn to trust myself. About everything. I need to trust myself that I will study, and then I simply need to do it.

Current Countdown: ~ 180 Hours.

Crunch Time is Coming.
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as soon as my network is up and running I will be trying to add to all the old posts with a photo or 2, now that I have my digital and can be bothered using it, expect things to get a little more picture-esque.
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More appears blogger already lets you see the 1024x768 ones, just click on the pics...awesome!

For 8Megapixel versions contact me. :p
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Before and After

Before and After

For a higher resolution shot, see imageshack - which I will be uploading links to in one second.

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50th Post

Yay Kreative Tendencies is now 50 posts old. WOOP WOOP WOOP.

To celebrate I'm going to shave off my goatee. - Yep. No, not really.

I am going to shave it off, but not because it's 50 posts, just because I'm bored. LoL.

- Here's hoping I can be bothered maintaining the "clean-shaven" look. Hahahhaa.

~Before and after shots coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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