Kreative Tendencies

Friday, November 04, 2011

So here we go again

After an inevitable hiatus I return to the blogging world albeit a little less triumphantly than deserved. I just got the net at my new place so I should be able to keep the blog going a little more regularly now.

I quite like it here, its good to be able to smoke indoors, have freedom and independence and also make my own way. If I can save $400 I will probably sign up to 2-3 online study units, probably early next year though. It depends though, as I may be undergoing an adventure - traveling from Melbourne to Darwin - on foot! We'll see though, I need to get fitter first. In any case I still need to save the $400 - it will go towards a good quality back-pack and a tent if nothing else.

This afternoon I have to return home for an over-night stay. I get bored there pretty quickly so I will probably leave mid to late afternoon. That's really all for now, but hopefully not such a huge gap until the next post.

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