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Saturday, April 22, 2006

This arvo

Played guild wars pretty much all afternoon. Am currently trying to find a good alternative to teamspeak, not getting anywhere and getting very pissed off! lol.
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Creative Tendencies Img

Here is a test image:

It has been taken with the low-res camera phone, and as you can see, is off this very website. It has an interesting "swoosh" effect.
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Today is Saturday

Woke up late today. At like 12:10pm, which is extremely late, but probably to do with the fact that I had trouble sleeping from around 12-2:30am. I hope my circadian rhythm hasn't shifted too much though, because uni starts up again on monday, which means I have to wake up at 6:00am. D'oh. Oh well I will get used to it I suppose.

Bort is here now, playing guild wars. He's excited over am I actually. I want to play my warrior through to level 20 so I can get to the end and play factions when it comes out. I hope I can keep the enthusiasm up.

I haven't played tales of symphonia for sometime now, which is annoying. I think I will start playing it more tomorrow. For the rest of toady I'm going to concentrate on gw.

Apart from that my parents looked through a house today, but it was no good as it backed on to a school.

That's about it for now...I may come back in again later today. ~Cheers~
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Friday, April 21, 2006

What If...

What if we still believed the world is's a question i've been pondering lately.

If we didn't know of the existence of other countries, would life be much simpler? If we one day find life on other planets will people be looking back on this time as the "dark ages?"

It's a question which stems forth many other philosophical questions...

Questions of time and space mainly but all kick ass questions...more tomorrow though..i'm tired now! Might try and get some pics in tomorrow!
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After the stand-up...

It was hilarious. Very crude, very funny. The first act went for about 10 minutes and had a few funny jokes, but was all in all...just that, a first act, nothing more. The second was significantly better, he was quite good, and went for about 10 minutes also. The headliner was hilarious, he had us laughing quite a lot. To be cruel would be to give him a 7/ all truth he probably deserved an 8.0-8.5! It was hard to tell how long he went for but it was somewhere between 30-60 minutes.

It was well worth it, and very entertaining.

There will be at least one more post i'm not saying good night as yet!

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Before the stand-up

Okay loyal fans...I'm about to take a shower before heading off for the comedy festival. It doesn't start untill 7:30 but we're meeting Bort at around 4.45. (It takes about 1 hour on the train to get to the city).

Alright so, after I have the "experience" of Pauly shore, I will report back to you.

In the mean time go do something more constructive than reading this blog! lol.

By the way, I did play guild wars. Hehehe.

Anyway must be off....cheerio
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I did end up getting to sleep without too much hassle. Which is a good thing...I'm going to a make a post called friends and add it to this blog under a very old date. Then I am going to link to it in the side bar...if you want to know more about my friends (no real names) then you can read up on them there...if you must!

I spent this morning updating my myspace page....I know how nerdy that sounds but I felt like exercising my creative engines on my profile. (No link for you yet :p). After that I had a shower, and apart from breakfast this brings me to hear...which is almost 11:30am (friday).

I'm going to see "Pauly Shore" tonight, for those of you unaware he's an actor\stand-up comic. We got front row seats (myself, bort, dw and link), so it should kick some serious ass. I'm beginning to get excited! Hehehe.
Once I've posted my "friends" post I will probably play some guild wars...I'm not sure whether I want to play that or tales of symphonia...only time will tell. far it looks like I'm quite happy posting on this blog. I also have plans to include several photographs, at least now and then...but be warned...they will be taken with my very low-res camera don't expect anything no pixelated. hehe.

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Yes. It's 2:07am and I'm still awake...I know....I didn't try very hard now did I?

I'm not tired. So I thought I would (quietly) type some more stuff. The keyboard is however very I changed my mind.

Good night again. - I hope I wake up in the same mood i'm in now. I'll try ;-)

~Will it ever change?
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Yes...I know...I need to sleep soon. Tomorrow I plan on putting up a post about my friends, which should hopefully be a nice one...I'm not trying to bitch about them....I don't think.

For now much as I feel like rambling on and on untill 4am, I feel as though I'm keeping the whole house awake with my fingers tapping on the good night. :-)
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The Rain

It's 1:35am, on friday morning, and it's raining. Quite heavily actually. I love the sound of rain, it helps me sleep. I don't want this to be a long post as I want to sleep soon. I just wanted to mention how much I love the least when I'm inside, rather than caught in it. Hopefully I post here more often than what usually happens with these "blogs."

Before I do wander off to the land of sleep I should make a few notes, brief and very, very unofficial - about what I want to do here...I want this blog to be my safe place...where I can write about anything, without care. Certain things may be ommited, on the off chance that friends may come along...and because part of me doesn't really want to know what the other part is hiding.

I want no conformity as such, no specific rules or orders, with the exception of this one...the onl rule is there are no rules.

Today I did a few things...

Uni starts up again on monday. I want semester two to start. I want to make mention of my friends as well...and since i'm in a blogging mood and want to put them into their own little post, this will be the end of this post.

Push button publishing at it's finest. ;-)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


I don't know if that Voyeurism is even spelt correctly, but I thought it would be fitting to start this journal off with a little commentary on how strange it is reading other peoples thoughts.

You read a glimpse of other peoples lives and you live their lives within moments, you see their down's and their in-betweens all in a flash of text. Whether or not what is written is true, it matters not, for the experience is true in your own mind. It's strange really...I dislike, with a passion, (I don't like the word hate)...television shows like big brother, which thrive on the voyeurism of false realities, and oscar wilde's masks are taken to their extreme. Does this perhaps make me a hypocrite....not only do I enjoy reading blogs/journals/diaries etc... yet hear I am creating (another, probably over 10 now) one...

I've made a resolution to try and relax a little. Certain things right now are driving me totally nuts, including questions about values and life-long goals, I was at a state where I was almost convinced that it wasn't that life was so bad...just there was nothing really worth living for...a buddhist-belief motivated statement...but also very pessimistic...which I'm sure buddhism didn't intend.

So without droning on, although I probably am already, I've decided to let my apathy become passion for doing something. No matter what it is...perhaps that's mindfulness...perhaps that's just silly...but it's worth a shot I guess.

Well that aside...I felt like writing so this place was born. Hopefully I will be motivated and comfortable enough for this blog to become a nice home for further writings. If not, then I suppose it doesn't really matter.

If you've read this far...then I congratulate you. Leave me a comment and I'll try and reward you by returning the favour. :)

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