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Friday, April 21, 2006


I did end up getting to sleep without too much hassle. Which is a good thing...I'm going to a make a post called friends and add it to this blog under a very old date. Then I am going to link to it in the side bar...if you want to know more about my friends (no real names) then you can read up on them there...if you must!

I spent this morning updating my myspace page....I know how nerdy that sounds but I felt like exercising my creative engines on my profile. (No link for you yet :p). After that I had a shower, and apart from breakfast this brings me to hear...which is almost 11:30am (friday).

I'm going to see "Pauly Shore" tonight, for those of you unaware he's an actor\stand-up comic. We got front row seats (myself, bort, dw and link), so it should kick some serious ass. I'm beginning to get excited! Hehehe.
Once I've posted my "friends" post I will probably play some guild wars...I'm not sure whether I want to play that or tales of symphonia...only time will tell. far it looks like I'm quite happy posting on this blog. I also have plans to include several photographs, at least now and then...but be warned...they will be taken with my very low-res camera don't expect anything no pixelated. hehe.

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