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Sunday, July 09, 2006

[The Seventh Day]

There is 7 days remaining.

Ah, yes, the days are winding up. As we draw nearer to another semester I begin to wonder. Are holidays that bad? - Not in there own right, surely - they are quite lovely. It's just it seems as though I've been in a kind of constant holiday, for the past 2 and a half years - with a few "working breaks" (namely Semester 1, of 04 and 05). Yet, here I am, near to commencing semester 2 2006.

I don't believe it.

I remember clearly stating I was going to do medicine, then that changed, and as of this time last year I was going to do Biomedical Engineering. Hmmm...

I've wasted so much time, yet it doesn't matter. I enjoyed it.

And well, by now it is time to start gearing up. The landmarks are getting closer together, which must mean it's nearly crunch time. - I think one of the most annyoing things is I wait and wait, untill first week starts, and then in first week nothing much happens. Oh well, at least more happens in week 1 of s2 than of s1 - especially in 1st year subjects.

Well, at this stage I'm starting to learn to trust myself. About everything. I need to trust myself that I will study, and then I simply need to do it.

Current Countdown: ~ 180 Hours.

Crunch Time is Coming.
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