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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nearly a week :o

I am sorry - this gap is ridiculous - almost a week without posting anything. Well at least now I have plenty to talk about. :)

Wednesday - I'm not totally sure what I did, but I'm fairly certain it involved going to uni in the morning, staying at Bob's the night (all-nighter + 7xD) and then going to DND in the morning to return Doom 3 - reciept issues - phew! and then slept all afternoon.

I bought Mortal Kombat Deception and Amped 2.

Friday is a pretty big blank, for some reason... apart from playing Mortal Kombat I can't really remember doing too much at all. - It just hit me - lol, how could I forget...

Friday I had a job interview - and I got the job! - I'm not sure how it will go (RMR) but so far things look good. Training starts tomorrow, and things are looking interesting. I can't believe I had forgotten what I did friday - lol. So yes, the majority of the day was spent in the city.

Yesterday I went to RX and LN and I were manning the store for the (new) std 3 hour shift. I will most likely be leaving soon which is kind of sad, but things must go goes on.

Today Jay came around, which was a nice surprise and we spent most of the day playing Xbox live. - He left around 5 or so, and I continued playing xbox for the remainder of the evening. (Link went to his sisters). - I also went to Mc but they didn't give Jay his drink - how rude.



So, tonight was my self imposed deadline, and essentially as probably expected the answer is yes. I am going to do Games Development and apply for diploma of drama and theatre studies. I have to write up my special consideration applications for Games Dev very soon, I was going to do it tomorrow, but because of Work I may schedule it a little later on in the week - depending on the outcome of tomorrow.


And Right Now

I've talked about what happened in the (almost a week) that led up till now, I've announced the decisions that I said I would reach, but how am I feeling right at this point in time?

I am feeling sad. Why? - I don't quite now. I am lamenting over something but I don't know what. What ever it is, things feel kind of good - which is strange. Like floating on a cloud - a grey one.

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