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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Time goes on...

Still pondering on course selection, I am faced with many options, as always.

Welcome again.

Today (Thursday) I went to university and Tong had his circuit-board practical, we then went to CHD were I activated my Visa debit card (as did Tong) and had Jia for lunch. (I also had kfc for tea -- good but salty, meaning I'm quite thirsty now hmph).

Less than 10 day's untill I'm 21. This prompts me to ask questions about time - and how quickly life is slipping away. It seems like yesterday that I started uni this year, and it feels like I was on extended holidays last week. It seems only about 2 or so months from christmas - not over 4 as it is in reality. But as always, looking back on it and thinking about all the things which I have done (and all of those which I haven't) - I realize that there is indeed a lot of time passing, every second is so valuable, yet so fleeting at the same time.

As an aside I wonder if this blogging thing is improving my typing skills any - lol.

As far as the CH40000 goes (fictional) I wrapped up the subject guide, and announced that I would be making a decision soon.

My voice is still not completely healed from the concert last saturday. I'm gonna have to do some home therapy I think - lol. I definitely learnt not to scream that much so loudy and violently. lol.

Parents looked at a house today, so we could be relocating soon. At the very least is should proove an interesting venture....I also learnt the definition of ockham's razor (spelling) and got fed up with the dodgy computers in that dodgy eng lab! hehe.

There are a number of issues on my mind at the moment and they are, in order of thinking time, most to least as follows:

  1. Subject/Course Selection
    Should I do Games Design? I want to but it's alone and I can't change it, I hope I make the right choice whatever that is.
  2. Employment
    Beyond my control, but I need the money - or want the money to be more precise, I will see what happens I suppose - it's a little anxiety building but it's okay for now.
  3. My 21st
    I'm slightly nervous about the whole thing - the bottom line is I don't really have to do anything much, except turn up and enjoy myself - it's just a matter of me getting used to having family members focused on me
  4. Various other issues

Those under 4 include the standard of am I wasting my life, and will I get anywhere ever and other issues such as parents getting older, the impermance of life, and all other philosophical and religious questions.

On a completely different note Tong bought Dragonquest from EB today - he seems to like it. - I'm happy he made the "right" choice (instead of Factions). Also tried getting trackmania sunrise from unx, but the nocd is dodgy - D'oh - should've remembered from last time. Hmmm....I read some of simple program design, partly just for the sake of it, but with the excuse of pondering over computer science - which is at the same campus as Tong. - I'm thinking of going into some IT lectures regardless...

Also I had fun filling up my car with petrol today, the dodgy can i used (it was low) resulted in a lot of spilt petrol, cold stinky hands and me being 15 minutes late - D'oh.

Anyway I suppose when I think about it I really do get a lot done - even if most if not all of it is completely pointless - lol. But as the song says: "I guess this is growing up..."

~feeling sleepy now


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