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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bringing things to date...

When I had last left you, I had just changed to part-time enrolment. Now a lot has come about and I have done quite a bit, in just the last day or 2.

It's 8:00PM now and there is 75 days left to go before semester 2, more on that later, but note that a counter will be available from now on, well that is as soon as I make it.

It will expire at 9am on the day of return to university.

Monday night I looked up for jobs, did a lot of "job hunting," mostly for retail in major supermarket chains.

Yesterday I went with Tong to university and we came back fairly early, meeting up with Bob and then we went off to CHD shops to buy some blank CD's. - Tong was going to get a refund on his pre-order of guild wars factions, but decided against it because he was worried - he had already claimed his pre-order pack!

Beyond that I got Windows Media Centre Edition. We installed it and I'm semi-impressed - it does everything window' does, but includes a lovely - eye-candy, filled, application for playing media. It doesn't work with my (rather dodgy) 3rd party TV-Card either - which is rather dissapointing, but nevertheless not unexpected.

I spent most of last night ripping music (over 80 hours now!) whilst Bob slept, (from 7pm-11pm)...then had a shower and came back - ripped some more, then went to bed. Got to sleep around 2. - Woke up at 6:10.

Yes, my sleeping has been extremely scattered for the past week or even 2, so I'm going to try and go to early tonight, especially because I'm driving to uni tomorrow. - I will also have to get up early in order to get fuel.

Now for the major update.

Essentially, because I was considering studying part time and what not I had a serious reality check (see the next post for more), but the bottom line is I'm thinking of studying multimedia - video games design essentially, but also a heap of other stuff (I'm tempted to use the word 'cool' as an adjective here...), such as video and sound editiing, basic programming and general IT stuff. It's: "Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (Multimedia)" - and it's accredited, (I think and Hope!) so it should be good. The downside is that it's at a different campus to Tong - which makes for an interesting life lesson....more in the next post!

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