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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Interesting title "wootonk" but that's what popped into my head...let's take a look see at what else has been "popping" around...

This morning I went to RX where we discussed the future of Saturday business. Opening hours have now been reduced by 25% on a saturday, so as to fit into staff schedules. Tong was, unfortunately, forced to resign - not that he was fired - he just has to many other commitmnets (namely CLS).

We finished at around 12.30 - resulting in me arriving at home around 1pm. From there I spent time in the spa, surfing the internet (nothing constructive - still trying to fix starforce for trackmania - to no avail), and then I convinced myself to play Tales of Symphonia - it took me about 10 minutes or so to work out where I was at and what I was meant to be doing (I resumed my old game - 2 weeks or so old), but once I got started I soon mastered it....that is until I was killed by some asshole boss character - the first time I have legitemately gotten the forboding "Game Over" screen (I got it once before on purpose so as to see what it looked like). - This means I lasted 30 hours...not bad!

After that I read more of "Games Design" by Bob Bates - I'm on Chapter 5 now and more than 100 pages in (around 30% through) - I can't believe how easy the stuff is to read - I guess I'm naturally "into" it which helps me feel Games Design/Development is a good choice for studying/career.

That lasted through tea-time untill around 8-8.30pm - I then tried to workout my long-term timetable uni wise but It's too hard as prerequisites and such are so f***ked up for someone entering at 2nd semester, so I'm leaving it until I get in and talk to a course advisor. - I sent the enquiries people an email as well asking about the course - mainly so I can see what subjects I should be doing and how much the course focuses on games development/design.

Well...thats about it. Got a stomach ache now so best be off. Will do more reading and I shall also do more posting tomorrow! - Catch ya!!!
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