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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Return

I got officially discharged from the psych ward Monday night. It took quite a long time for the Crisis Aid Treatment (CAT) Team to arrive, and I was fully expecting to be there another day. I'm glad I was able to go home though, as I would have had to share a room with 3 others because my old solo room had been allocated to someone else. (Presumably because I was originally being discharged, or at least going on leave that day).

Being at the ward opened my eyes to a world of career possibilities and I've decided it might be worthwhile pursuing a career in Nursing. That course doesn't start until next February though so I will need something to do in the mean time. There is a course in Elderly Care with the option of adding Home and Community Care which goes for 6 months and looks like it would fit in perfectly. I just hope my mental illness will not be a hindrance.

Looking back, to some extent I actually enjoyed being in the ward and the communal living environment - This made me realize I'd like to eventually work in Mental Health. This time however, career wise, I'm going to fight avoidance, as well as see a Career Counselor.

Yesterday, to my surprise, my highly supportive mother bought me a smoking pipe. I didn't realize rolling tobacco was different so I tried using it but it was a little troublesome. It worked but I think pipe tobacco might be grainier - I'm not really sure.

Just after 11 I went to my GP for a follow up, I was given a script for more 10mg abilify with 1 repeat, and was asked to book a long consultation tomorrow so we could draw up a mental health development plan, or whatever it's called.

I then went to my first Anxiety Recovery Centre (ARC) meeting. Everyone was quite nice, and the partial 'odd ball' element of it all was quite interesting. Unfortunately they only meet once per month so I'd like to potentially join at least one other support group.

After the meeting as a reward for the courage to attend, as well as for an early birthday present for myself I bought a $10 cigar. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm quite looking forward to the experience. I originally asked the guy at the counter if they had legal herbal smoke but he was adamant they had nothing else - I think he thought I wanted weed.

I took extra pills to ensure a goodnight sleep. I took 1x10mg abilify 3x25mg phernegan and 1x100mg seroquel about 90 minutes before sleep. Then just before I went to bed I had a very minor psychotic binge where I took 1 more abilify, 3 more phernegan and 2 more seroquel. On top of this I took 2x5mg Diazepam - with this full cocktail, combined with the fact I'd already taken an extra abilify earlier on in the day this was not the smartest of ideas. Again though I view it as a very minor psychosis where in the back of my mind I was slightly hoping to enter a coma.

Instead I woke up just after 7am, feeling quite fresh! I'm quite calm at the moment, although there is a sense of boredom looming - I really need to get a job, even a voluntary one. I don't want to get so bored so as to renew wow.

Today at mid-day I have a follow up appointment with my GP as mentioned earlier. At some point I also need to do a little bit of unpacking. I have a phone interview with Centrelink at 1, hopefully the 2 appointments to clash.

Right now I'm going to create a current top 25 fave songs with the restriction of one song per artist. I will post the list next.


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