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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Okay so I'm now in computer science/software engineering. This makes sense, as I am good with computers. I hope I don't get too lazy - well I am the one in control, so I have the power to fix it.

Essentially I rushed into finance, and anyway...I can't be bothered going into it. - Anyway, if the games engine development course opens next year I will apply for it.

The open uni course is now cancelled, thanks to me - as I don't need to be doing it, just yet - might as well save up that FEE-HELP - untill I have to use it. At least I know my future is going to be computer science - thats pretty much the worst case scenario -which is pretty good, actually.

On other notes, I started get the edge today, quite good - awesome actually. I've locked in the hour of power system, so we will see how I go. I'm also starting to get a sore-throat so I hope, by taking an antibiotic or 2 I quell it quickly.

Other than that I'm tired. so nite.
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it's funny reading through your blog noting changes of your course here and there. i am hoping that this will be your last and final change. you have used up too much time at uni already, so it is now time to do something about it and not be lazy. be responsible with units that you chose, don't change it, it will lead you nowhere in the end. remember what the old man from melbourne uni says? - "it's a a priviledge to be here". so be proud of it and don't mess around. anyway, good luck with your next semester, i will be watching...
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