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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kreative Changes!

Yes, Indeed.

Being kreative is a wonderful thing really, I love art. - I really love the story-telling elements of performing arts, and being on stage, this is why I am a performing artist...more specifically an actor, to begin with.

This is wonderful, I love being an actor - even if I'm only a complete amateur - I love the subjects, well at least I did when I did them....and I will, when I do them.

(Can you guess what comes next???)


(You knew it right!)

Acting, for the most part, for most people (probably myself included), does not pay the bills! - And, coming from a financially challenged background (not exactly poverty stricken, but far from rich), means that financial success is something fairly high on my agenda. - Don't worry, its for the right reasons. I want to help others, not just be greedy.

No, I have a love of numbers - but not really a love of mathematics. I also have a knack for working with figures, and I like things like Law and Taxation (I know it's strange but I actually find taxation engaging), with a penchant for investments and a thirst for knowledge of the stock market I find myself at a conclusion.

I applied for an accounting degree at UniSA and got in. (OpenEdu).

The cost is around $2750 AUD, for this semester - but FEE-HELP is here to save me.

What about my other degree - well, for the moment at least, I'm still doing it. I have got 2 drama subjects (of course!), but now I have 2 accounting subjects as well. I can complete the accounting degree in a super-fast 18 months - which is crazy! - And still complete my arts degree along the way.

All I have to do know is be disciplined!

And, I know it's late, but I'm happy - and I don't want to go to bed and wake up sad!

There must be something I can do to prevent this!


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