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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Financial Planning


Indeed...things are looking up.

I've found a method, which so far, has seen me going to bed at 1:30am, sleeping at 2:30am - yet waking up at 8:30am - fine, and awake! - Not even the old tired mole, that I normally am.

Well....that aside, how's the idea of accounting sitting?

Here's the answer. It rocks. And as always, there is a BUT - the BUT part is fairly simple, that is to say, I've contacted the university and changed the structure of the course slightly, so that I am actually doing a Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning - this gives me a wider strucutre, a more intrinsic approach, and a knowledge base of general financial idioms. - Yeah, yeah, yeah -I'm rambling.

Essentially the B.Acc was in another state (SA) and as such if I need to go in then issues...etc. So, the B.Bus(FinancialPlanning) is much better as it is through RMIT.

So, how's the Art's component coming?
- That's all good. I'm going to use a total of 6 units (my electives) to supplement my commerce/finance knowledge and try to complete my Arts degree as well. - At the end of this year I will apply to be transferred into an on-campus degree - dependent on how well I perform at the open-edu subjects.

So, What subjects am I studying - in total, this semester? - Well, keep in mind that for the first 4 weeks the open-ed stuff doesn't start - but once it does, there is a total of 8 subjects running! - At least that's the way it is at the moment, it sounds a bit daunting so I might suspend the drama-theory untill next semester. - The main issue is that first 4 weeks....I would be doing 3 untill august 24th...

Anyway here's the list:



So, that makes 7 - yeah I dropped 1 as I was writing this.

Ciao for now

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