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Friday, June 02, 2006


I love reflecting, reflecting and speculating - about what has gone and what is yet to come.

The problem is - it can be all to dangerous to get caught up into dreams. I've recently decided that I want to get into the victorian college of arts - and study dramatic art. - The problem is that whilst this is a very real, and (possibly?) achievable - I am inclined to absorb myself in it.

I am currently reading "The professor's house" by Willa Cather. - It is better than I first expected and becoming more and more intriguing (I am almost half-way through it.) - Why am I mentioning this?

Firstly and unrelatedly with XP on my notebook - and especially its' cleartype elements - this looks stunning. LoL. - Anyway I was enjoying this book when I started to think about my dreams - which are now fast becoming goals (YES!!) - and then realised that I have to be careful.

I need to ensure that I am using my dreams as motivation, and occasional indulgence - not too much absorbption or I will end up getting caught up in it all. -Ah well, I will go and do some dream research - that is - reading about the course - untill dinner time (which is about half an hour away) - then I will return to reading my book.

~in the between time I will drop Bob back home as he has been here for the past 3 days.

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