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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 it escapes me!


Monday I went to C-Link to find out that my appointment was actually the day after (today), d'oh. From there I went to DND and spent some birthday money - actually all of it, lol.

I bought xbox live - which I got for just $35 - not bad at all, I also bought Doom 3 and Crimson Skies.

In the afternoon Tong and I went to uni and saw Judy and Andrew. Then we went to the Chong-Hua (spelling?) club sports and rec bbq evening. After that I dropped Ying of and got home around 9 ish - by the time I set up xbox live it was close to 10.30 - and I got to bed around 10.45-11.00

I was kind of dissapointed with xbox live at first - as hardly anyone was on, it was slow and felt very foreign...but I like it better now....

This morning I woke up at 6.30 and picked up Tong - on the way back to my house Bob rang up so we went to pick him up. We then came back home and played with xbox live for a little bit - before going back to C-Link for the real appointment - LoL. - Everything went *fairly* smoothly, with the only hiccup being that the payments might stop after a set time period - well I will "cross that bridge when I come to it."

I didn't like Crimson Skies at all much - it was okay, but not my type of game - so on the way home I returned it - in exchange for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. (Good Idea). Bob and I spent most of the morning playing around with Project Gotham 2 - via xbox live (hehehe - acting retarded lol).

Beyond that Bob went to sleep around 3 so I played some more PGR2 and then at around 4 I started to play doom 3 - something else I had also bought. I played it for about 90 minutes and got bored - so I cheated my way to the end lol - I will return it soon, but I have to reclaim the instruction book first (I was never given one - :-o - and it was a new game!)

Dropped Tong and Bob off at around 7 and then came home and surfed the internet. Then I took a bath and contemplated taking up a diploma in drama and theatre studies on top of my BITS degree. - I decided to check the timetable out first - It turns out I can do an elective in DTS which counts towards this diploma, and fits in on Tuesdays - the issue is that it isn't a core unit, but that can be completed next year. - The problem (may) be fitting in timetables, but I'm sure I will configure something!

I may apply for the diploma early and see what happens - (if I can).

If not...well too bad.

That brings me to the end of the standard daily roundup, but I'm not finished yet. Prepare for a new post in about another 10 minutes with me explaining why I want to do a Dip.DTS in the first place.

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