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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Today I woke up around 9.30.

Went round to Chubbs place to fix his computer - used a dodgy workaround to get it working for the moment, hope its fine...he treated me to KFC for fixing it. Afterwards came back and listened to new Godsmack album - pretty decent! - Then Chubbs went off to work.

From there I read more of the Game Design book (now up to around 200 pages - 60%) and watched Link play Dragon Quest.

Then I did some reviewing on GS (Morrowind and BRgs).

After that I fiddled round with a few templates and as you can see the page looks different!

From this sunday untill next I am in the decision phase of Games development - in other words I want to decide once and for all by next sunday - which just so happens to me my birthday - this means less than 1 week until the party. (hmmm)...

I've lost track of the timers in all of the template - changing stuff, but new ones should be up soon...within the next few days...if I can be bothered. - I really want live Java timers or something...(without hogging up to many system resources).

Anyway I'm off now to read more of the book...keep a look out for a new post within the next 36 hours or so!

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