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Monday, May 29, 2006


I finished reading three dollars today. It was a fantastic read, and has had an impact, that will perhaps be forever remebered, upon my innermost psyche. If you wish to know the world through the eyes of an Australian born in an era where the economy double crossed the country, and want more than a dramatic love story - if you wish to read a post-modern bildungsroman that will linger in the foreground of your thoughts for extended periods of time, then pick up this book. Again it is "Three Dollars" By Elliot Perlman.

Aside from that an action packed weekend for Link's 21st saw us down at the "strip club" for a boys night out. - With lap dances all-round it was a night to be well remembered!

Other than reading and playing xbox, watching a mix of movies on tv (flash, some hostage thing, danny deckchair etc...) I have been sleeping. A trip down to the local cls for some shopping and that about sums everything up.

Yes life is very much normal, but then again this blog isn't a symbol - that is what the playground is for. Join me there if you haven't already.

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