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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

getting there....

So two days have passed since I last blogged. I finished the book on games design, and it was good. - I read the whole lot across 1 weekend (finished sun night), so it must have been interesting, lol!

Monday I went into uni. Tong and I mainly spent time in the library. I got a few more books on Gaming, but unfortunately they are more about coding (and AI), which is good in it's own right but too advanced for me, at least at the moment. We left early and headed to close campus to see what they hold, but we couldn't find the ticketed carpark (we could only find the permit one!) rude...I checked the map later (ie: today, tuesday) and found out there is one...its location is just a little obscure...hehehe.

At the days end I went to Bob's house, for tea. Ended up staying there, had 2 wines across the night..somehow watched bb, and then went to bed at around 1am. Oh and we watched wolf creek (wooo).

Woke up today at around 9.30 - went and woke up Bob then drove back to my place. Tong came in around 12 and we just lazed about till dinner. - I tried out a few demos of games like doom 3 (ran surprisingly well on high quality on my computer, neverwinter nights and FEAR (which I want to get coz the demo left me salivating!).

After tea went to shops so Tong could get some ham and bread...and he was nice enough to buy us some goodies (profiteroles)! woo!

After that I played guild wars and got pissed off because my connection lagged out as I was about to (nearly) complete the divinity coast mission. How fucking ridiculous - meaning I would have to start again. So, I spent the rest of the time trying to sign up for more spam on my spam account - lol, this included spamming mirc and joining yahoo groups hehehehe. (also checked out budget reports)

This brings me to now, it's 11:30pm (approx) and I should try and get some sleep soon...I suppose...

well more posts soon and all that jazz.
till next,

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