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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Doing a Diploma? I can still do the things I really want to, and make a living
Life's funny. You think you know what is most likely to happen, most of the time - but if you are anything like me, you are wrong about 99% of the time. 'We are all experts in hindsight' - or so the great "they" tell us, but when it comes to forecasting futures, especially our own, we never know what's around the corner.
So, yes - life is complicated, but what does that have to do with doing a diploma in Drama and Theatre studies? - And more precisely how does the whole thing related to doing what I really want to do?
I want to be an actor.
A phrase which many people have said, heard or been a part of in some way. So many people want to see their name in lights, be it broadway, hollywood or anything in between - being on stage is magical - "there is no business like show-business" - and it's almost as true as it sounds.
Let me boil things down a bit - I was going to put something small about my decision at the end of the last post, but I decided to make a whole post for this, but still keep things relatively simple. - Aside from the fact that the anniversary post popped up in the middle (I just realized it was 1 month), things are pretty much going to plan.
Simply put here is several key premises regarding my decision, followed by a part-based conclusion. Hopefully they flow logically and are "argumentally sound" even from a philosophical point of view.
  1. I want to be an actor
  2. I love video-games
  3. I am good at acting, video games and information technology
  4. Acting is a very hard profession to break into, and even harder to find long-term employment
  5. Careers surrounding video games are easier to get into but still slightly hard
  6. Careers in IT are plentiful
  7. There is a course offered in IT, majoring in multimedia, with an option to gear towards games-design
  8. This course does not have a high amount of contact hours
  9. Therefore, this course should offer high employment prospects and should leave room for additional study.
  10. There is a course offered in Drama and Theatre studies, specifically a diploma
  11. This diploma allows you to complete a major (8 units) in DTS and be awarded a qualifcation
  12. This qualification is designed to be studied in combination with another award
  13. This course offers a subject that I can do next semester that does not clash with any Games Development subjects
  14. Therefore, I am going to do the IT Course and combine it with the DTS Diploma

That's about the length of the reasoning behind doing it. The subject I will be doing next semester is Body, Voice and Text - which should also help me understand the voice-artist side of games-design. The overall diploma will help me as well, giving me ideas for stories, creativity, insight and artistic flair.

Anyway, I shall stop now - before it sounds like I'm making excuses because I feel guilty for having chosen it. I do slightly, - as it means that my degree may be slightly longer and I already dropped out of drama studies before (through a mistake of my own) - but yes, if I am going to do this - I am goign to need to commit fully to it. - The same goes for the games development course - and in fact anything I decide to do in general.

I'll think it over. There is 60 odd days untill Semester 2 begins - but I want a commitment well before then. My own, self-set deadline is Sunday Night. If the answer is yes I will go and apply for it Monday - this deadline is not just for the Diploma of Drama and Theatre studies but also for the games development course. I'm certainly postively geared towards them both, the Games Dev one more so than the diploma - but I've really got to let them sit inside just a little longer.

~Till next~


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