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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Catching up till now...


I have a lot of catching up to goes :-)


Didn't go into uni. I'm having difficulty remembering what it was that I actually did! I have a feeling it involved playing Guild Wars, and not much else lol. I will post more if I remember it.


Tong, Bort, Bob and I went into Uni, I was surprised when Bob was waiting with Tong in the morning. After we went to a psychology lecture as a preview for Bort, we met Link @ dnd and went and saw Mission Impossible 3. I quite enjoyed it. Doom 3 Collectors was still 24.95 on XBOX (preowned) I wanted to get it, but decided to wait untill after saturday night. (My 21st).

I finally activated my visa debit card and tried some quick, cheap fun at eurobet (lol).
Saturday: (Yesterday)

I woke at around 10 and played guild wars untill 1. Tong arrived around 2 - after I rang him, (he was called back to work late, as usual lol), and then we were going to go Bowling. We decided against it and I went out to get a mothers day present.

I had trouble with my bank as the eurobet had (I think) gone through but my balance was not updated - eventaully we deduced the problem and I paid via Credit, with no cash out. (For mothers day - chocolate sea shells FYI).

From there as time drew nearer to my 21st I felt a mixture of worry, aprehension, fear, anxiety, excitement and tension - but all in all it wasn't too bad. Chubbs came over at around 5.55 and then we left home 10 minutes later. Link and Chubbs went to gether and Tong drove me, bob and bort. Jay wasn't there as he had to go to a 70th birthday party for his uncle or something.

All in all the night was good, it went quite fast and I had Chicken Parmagiana and 4 southern comforts, so it was nice. The speech went well, and it was a good turn 0ut - those who we expected to come, came (for the most part at least).

At around 10.30 I came home and we - Bob, Link, Bort and I - decided to try some absinthe - YES!!!!

It was strong and I describe it as 3 levels of burning - but all of them with a dash of poetic charm and general goodness. (lol). I had a total of about 45ml, the others had about 15 - we only got a 100ml bottle so we couldn't go to hard. - My second drink - (20 odd ml) was mixed with about 50ml of water - which took the kick out substantially.

I found that absinthe helped keep back the sedative effects of the alcohol (even though it was 70% lol) and generally I felt fairly awake - in fact I had trouble sleeping. - The height of hallucination came when the computer monitor appeared well out of focus and things were a little "dizzy" - althought with the 4 southers before, 1 small nip of southern later, and the 45ml of absinthe - it's not really a surprise!

Tong left around 1 with Bort in toe.

Went to bed around 3 - slept around 5. Woke around 9. Which brings me to today...

Today (Sunday, My birthday).

Got up and gave mum her mother's day present, and I got 3 dvd pack from them towards my birthday. (I got $110 in cash from last-night + $40 gift voucher = 150 woooo hehehe ;-) ).

Took Bob home around 10.30 and got fish n chips for lunch (well chips, dim sims and potato cakes). - Chubbs and I were the only ones home. (Apart from parents) as Link went to Borts for a YuYu Hakusho anime marathon at around 11. (I was in the process of returning Bob when he left). - I also picked up my xbox from Bob's as I plan to get that doom 3 collectors if I can - tomorrow.

Chubbs left around 1pm and from there I had a bath, then started looking at things I could get with my gift money. - I also made a neck chain for my 21st key, which is currently hanging around my neck. hehehe.

I think for my main gift I will get a still camera - around $400 or so - I found a cool olympus 8 mega pixel one for 400 dollars, so I might use the extra birthday money for 256 or maybe (at a stretch) a 512mb xd-pic card (or whatever they are called, lol)!

I think thats about all I have to say for now, it was good to catch up, and fill the whole that I have left, out of sheer laziness.

The 21st was fun, and I am glad it's all over with now - relieved, and glad :-) - in a good way.

The next issue is to do with part time/full time study and payments and then after that it's full focus on my course change. Hehehe.

Okay, more later...hopefully not as long a gap this time. Nice catch up.


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