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Thursday, April 27, 2006


VERY Very Very Very very tired.

That's how I feel right now.

Went to uni this morning, discussed philosophical concepts with Tong. Had a huge argument with him about arts and sciences, then we eventually worked out that we both were arguing for the same thing...rofl. - How silly we were.

We then went to the shops (nx), and came home, ready to play guild wars factions.

I have a fairly busy week, with factions play tomorrow, disturbed/korn saturday (as well as rx)...sunday I (might) get the chance to relax, in a compeletly lazy fashion. At the very least sunday night will be my chance, that is of course if I'm not scrunging around factions, mooching of my penultiamate day of free pre-ordering play goodness.

Can't remember if I mentioned watching cabin fever last night, but we did (Bob and I) and I will comment more on that, as well as how weird things are when you're tired, in my next post, which will hopefully be sometime tomorrow.

The dharma is serving me well, and with the lords help (what ever the lord may be, at this point in time I can't say for certain), I will soon be well on the road to living a more enlightened life. I just hope I can help others in the process. :-)
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