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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

2 days

Apologies for the delay.

Yesterday I went to uni. We left early (Tong and I) and then went to the shopping centre (FG) on the way home. Looked at game stores and got home by lunch time. Played some guild wars and tales of symphonia and tried hooking GW up to my looks awesome, but it's slightly uncomfortable to play.

Played GW till about 11:40pm.

The next day (today) was (is) a public holiday, so sleep in time, yay!

I went to bed at about 12:00 midnight, and woke up at about 10:45 - far too much sleep. I woke up very sick, with sore throat, headache, slight ear ache, sore ears (from headphones) and cough (not quite asthma I don't think). Played Gw from 11:00am-12:15pm and had lunch. Went back to bed untill around 2:45 and then at 3:00 did some preliminary philosophy work on Hobbe's Leviathan, and then at around 4:30 went back to gw to see what Tong and Bort were up too. They weren't replying much which kind of upset me, but I figured they were busy farming/questing/missioning.

This brings me to now, about 5:10 pm, and my throat is still quite sore. Headache is vaguely there, and earache is gone, but ears still sore to touch from headphones.

Anyway...more as it happens. Uni again for the rest of the week. Disturbed/Korn saturday, and then 5 weeks till exams.

~Catch Ya.
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